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Less disruption, more production.

Less disruption, more production.

We feel it is crucial to maintain a clean and safe job site.  We use floor protection, plastic dust walls, and the Build Clean dust system to help reduce dust and protect your home and its occupants during the construction process.  We follow Lead-Safe Certified processes when working in older homes and where lead may be a concern.  We have our own truck to pick up trash, usually eliminating the need to rent an on-sight dumpster.


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Dust is the enemy of client satisfaction, and it can hasten the onset of "remodeling fatigue." While we can't entirely eliminate dust, we have proven systems to greatly minimize it's impact on your project.  Some of our methods include:

  • Dust wall barriers to seal off work spaces within your home
  • Air cleaning with the BuildClean® system;  create a negative air pressure within the work space to keep dust filtered and air exhausted.
  • Daily clean with Hepa® filters on our shop vacuums

Any materials worth salvaging are donated on your behalf to the Eco Building Bargain Store in Springfield.  Not only does this save on disposal costs, the material finds another home, and it earns you a taxable donation. 

Other construction trash is sent to Valley Recycling on Rt 10 in Northampton. This transfer station sorts the materials for repurposing.  Some is used to generate energy, other materials are recycled.


A typical kitchen remodel will take 6-8 weeks, although each project has some unique aspect to it. Our goal is to pre-stage the project, having all special order items such as windows, plumbing, flooring, custom-built cabinetry and so on, ready before we begin construction.

We can then move very efficiently once construction begins. While it's true you have to break some eggs to make an omelette, we know finishing on schedule is crucial to the overall success of any remodel, especially one as intimate as a kitchen project.


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